Ferret Token was born with the idea of being the currency of an NFT marketplace to give gifts to those we love. The current global reality as a result of the pandemic has forced us to be away from our loved ones, reducing our social contact and therefore the demonstration of affection to them.

For this reason, we are developing a market for collectible NFT that serve to show and send love and affection through non-fungible tokens.

Why Ferret?

  • In this model, there are elected validators who take turns in confirming transactions on the network and are tasked to produce the blocks in a PoA manner, which puts the amount of their stake and their reputation in the community into consideration. To become a validator, a user has to

NFT Marketplace:

The Ferret Token team is developing an NFT marketplace where users will be able to exchange non-fungible tokens.

Ferret Token — $FRT –

Smart Contract deployed on Binance Smart ChainTotal supply 500,000,000Static reward for holders of 3% for each transaction made to generate savings for each FRT holder.